As a teenager, or even as an adult who has a little time on your hands, you could have said the name Bloody Mary three times while standing in front of a mirror. After the third time of saying the name, you probably turned around to see if her face would pop up in the mirror or if she would make an appearance in the room. This is a legend that is quite popular among teenagers and young adults and that is often told when there are several people gathered together so that one or two people can see if the legend is true.


Although there have been a few different versions of the story of Bloody Mary, the basis of the legend is quite simple. The story started in the 1970s and is often told at slumber parties because Bloody Mary is based on a young girl. Some believe that saying Bloody Mary three times is a way to show that you’re not afraid of the dark or that you’re not afraid of anything at all, especially if there happens to be frightening sounds that are heard after saying the name.


The Story

Aside from an initiation or a fun game, there are some who believe that Mary existed in the past and was killed. Her spirit is said to be trapped between here and the after world, which is why she appears to those who call her name. She wants help to try to cross over to the other side, but she has an appearance that is so frightening that makes most people run from the room if they see her.

Who was Bloody Mary?

One of the people who Mary could be in the legend is Mary Tudor. While in England, Mary ordered the deaths of many Protestants. Because she wanted to kill so many people, those who lived in England at the time named her Bloody Mary.

Another woman who the legend could be based on is Elizabeth Bathory. She was given the name the Queen of Blood because she would kill teen girls or order that teen girls be killed. After they were killed, she would take a bath in a tub of her victim’s blood.

Mary Worth is another woman the legend could be based on because of the types of deaths associated with her name. She was accused of being a witch and was killed during the witch trials that were held in Salem.

In Closing

Whether you believe the legend of a girl who was killed by her friends or a woman named Mary who ordered that other people be killed, Bloody Mary is a legend that you can tell over and over. It will likely still get changed in the future as people continue to say her name three times to see if she greets them in a mirror or perhaps in person.