In the woods of Chatham County, North Carolina there is a camping area that lies bare. A circle fire pit is in the center and around it, not a flower nor blade of grass will grow in a 40 foot circle around the pit. It appears desolate and haunting.

What is the Devil’s Tramping Ground?

Many folk will share the tale of the Devil’s Tramping Ground. It is folklore in the area. They say that the devil comes to this spot to do some long and drawn out thinking. What does he ponder while walking in circles? Why of course, he considers new ways in which to terrify the humans. While there, he will remove all items that have been forgotten by campers who have attempted to stay overnight.


The Story of the Devil’s Tramping Ground

In this area dogs will cower, tuck their tails and run. People who have planted seed in the circle do for naught. Nothing will sprout within the 40 feet. It is said that the heat from the hooves of the devil burn so hot, nothing they touch can survive.
Other stories that have come about over time for this mysterious land involve two warring Native American tribes fighting, and a UFO landing site. The UFO landing site is easy to understand for those who believe. Radiation that comes from an unidentified flying object is so strong that nothing will ever be able to grow there.

However, the story that has lasted far longer than the rest pertains to the devil himself tramping the ground each night while contemplating ways to harm humanity. One ghost hunting family that goes by the name of Kevin the Custodian ghost hunter, did not realize until they returned from a trip to the Devil’s Tramping Ground, that indeed they had a video of the devil himself.

It couldn’t be true

After posting online, the naysayers began. To prove the authenticity, the two ghost hunters returned and attempted each explanation as to what others thought the ‘being’ could be from. No amount of smoke could recreate the shape. You can also watch the video and see how the camera operator begins the video and scans right and then returns left. It is clear as the camera first passes, but as he immediately returned the shape and shadow is gone. There was no damage to the camera lens, this was proven with pictures taken after the video in question. All other explanations have also fallen by the wayside in an attempt to explain.

More recently, there are those who try to bring a positive stance to the Devil’s Tramping Ground by stating it is Magdalene Energy. This means that this vortex area is the anchor location for the ‘Magdalene Crystal Column of Energy’ a divine feminine presence. However, although the explanations may make sense to some, this does not explain the lack of growth of anything. A divine presence would be about beauty and growth, not desolation and dirt.

If ever you are in the area, feel free to investigate yourself. But, remember you have been warned.