Nightmare on Elm Street Slot

This one for the casino game lovers. If you love the horrifying tales that you’ve just read, then you’ll love playing these ghost themed casino games. Online slot games allow you to bet real money in the hope of winning a big cash payout. Learn more about how to play slot games and how to make sure you play safely and responsibly at Casinos Jungle. Here are our favourite horror themed slots…

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot

This slot was developed by 888 and is based on the Halloween horror film that shares the same name. The theme centres around a killer who stalks and murders you in your dreams. Ever heard the saying ”it was just a dream”? this isn’t true within this game… if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. You’ll be terrorised by Freddie’s burnt face and uncanny features. The game features five reels and thirty paylines with a bloody background on the reels. You will see dark silhouettes of Freddy Krueger throughout the game, so don’t close your eyes for even a second. Although, the good news is that if you catch a glimpse of Freddy’s face then you’ll have the opportunity to win some big payouts. So, it’s not all terrifying. If you’re a fan of the movie (who isn’t), then you’ll be a fan of this game.

2. Haunted Hospital

This slot is created by the talent slot games developers Wazdan and they have definitely taken ghostly horror slots to a new level. It features three reels and twenty-seven paylines. The reels will be filled with different organs (brains, eyeballs, fingers in jars etc), scalpels, lancets, trocars, axes, eyeballs, evil doctors, skeletons and other horrors. This is a hospital you won’t want to visit for any surgery, but a game you’ll be eager to play for cash. You’ll hear screams when you get a winning combination. If you activate the mystery bonus you will enter a spooky special game filled with paranormal life. And if you get a big win you’ll be electrocuted on a hospital bed. Bittersweet huh? There are many opportunities to win big cash prizes. Which will help you come to terms with the creepiness of this game.

3. The Ghost Walks! Under the Moonlight

This slot was developed by Belatra Games and is inspired by the fear of the paranormal. It features five reels and twenty paylines. With a ghostly graveyard as the background and a haunted mansion in the centre of your screen. This slot is definitely action-filled as you explore the graveyard and discover more ghostly scares. You’ll want to spin the reels as quick as you can. So you can keep moving through the darkness until you reach an escape. You will collect many bonuses along the way that will give you opportunities to add to your prize fun. There are some serious horror and cash in this. If you’re not too frightened, there’s no doubt that you should try it out.

4. Phantom cash

This slot is created by Microgaming and remains one of their most-played slots. The theme centres around the paranormal world of evil phantoms and are set in the Victorian era. Let’s just say… you’ll want to grab a pillow to hide behind for this one. You will be surrounded by paranormal presence as you proceed through the game. You’ll even be guided with ghosts through the gameplay (friendly ones though). It features five reels and twenty-five paylines and many different bonus features. So your bravery doesn’t go unrewarded. Confront your fears and win some big cash! And grab your ghost zap gun, you’ll need it to unlock big cash features.