Do you find yourself in your circle of friends and family ad feel as though you are the only person that believes in something that maybe not of this world…do you believe in ghosts and paranormal activity and feel as though you are not alone. The fact is that more people believe in ghosts than maybe you realize, in fact, almost half of all Americans believe in ghosts or some type of paranormal activity, and others even believe that they have seen or encountered a ghost.

So, what is is that makes us feel as though there are spirits left behind from those who have passed away? Why do we believe in them even if we have not seen a ghost or spirit with our own eyes? Is there some type of scientific reason that could explain why you get goose bumps on your arms or a feeling of anxiety or uneasiness in an area with no real explanation as to why. There actually may be a few scientific reasons that allow us to believe in the paranormal and proof that backs up the belief that spirits may still be around us.

Low sound frequency

Most people understand that the human eye can only see colors and lights that are within certain frequencies. For example, radio waves are all around us, but they can not be seen with the naked eye. Similarly, our ears can only hear noises that are in a certain pitch range. If a sound is too high, we cannot hear them and if they are too low we will also have a hard time making them out. Studies have shown that very low sound waves that are inaudible still make humans feel anxious, nervous, or sad. If you find yourself feeling sad or lonely or anxious in your house at certain times and without any known cause, you may just have a ghoulish spirit lurking around trying to moan and make your hear them.

Can carbon monoxide be to blame?

Carbon monoxide is a gast that is quite dangerous for your physical and mental health. When breathing in too much of this gas, you can end up seeing and hearing things that may not really be there while it slowly poisons us making us very ill or even cause us to die. However, before people experience severe physical harm from carbon monoxide poison, they usually end up feeling chest pressure, a feeling of overall dread, and sometimes start to hear and see things that perhaps others cannot. Scientists believe that the carbon monoxide is actually helping us see what may really be there that we cannot see otherwise. Always make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is working, and know that if you are seeing things that others cannot, it may not be just a hallucination.

Being scared is fun for most people

When we get scared, our brains release a chemical known as dopamine which is a chemical that is associated with pleasure. The more dopamine that is released, the more intense a pleasure we feel and it is different from person to person which is why some people enjoy being scared and others avoid scary stuff at all costs. For some, believing in the paranormal may make us feel scared, but it also produces a type of high that we cannot get enough of.

Believing in ghosts can also just give us some type of hope or something to look forward too ina life after death which can be comforting in a way. Ghosts may not be all that bad, though of course there may just be a ghost standing right behind you as you read this…you never can be too sure.