Everyone has been taught in history about Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the civil war. There was a multitude of soldiers from both sides that died during those three days. Some of the worst battle sites were Devil’s Den, and Little Round Top. Because so many soldiers died on these sites there are of course ghost stories about them. They may just make you a believer. Just a warning this is just a few of the ghost stories.

History of Devil’s Den, and Little Round Top

Devil’s Den
This was by far the bloodiest of all the Gettysburg engagements. This site was part of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s ambush from the side and saw some very intense fighting. Around 5,500 Confederate troops that were led by Major General John Bell Hoods conclusively captured Devil’s Den from the 2,400 Union defenders being led by Major General David Bell Birney. Around 800 Union soldiers died and 1,800 Confederate soldiers died that day at Devil’s Den. Major General John Bell Hoods was shot and had to turn command of his troops over to someone else.Little Round Top
Little Round Top is 500 yards west of Devil’s Den. It was attacked on the same day. The Union leader Joshua L Chamberlain had control when 824 men of the 4th and 5th Texas regiment led by Confederate Major General John Bell Hoods advanced up the slope fighting as they went. The Union regained possession and victory over the battle.

Ghost Stories from Devil’s Den and Little Round Top

Devil’s Den
There are many accounts that cameras have suddenly lost all their battery power or that they short out when trying to take pictures in the area. Gunshots ringing out and the sounds of drums tapping out cadence for the soldiers to follow. Visitors had reported that objects have been pulled out of their hands by some unseen force. Some visitors have mentioned encounters with a kind soldier with whom they have stood and talked with. Some have had their picture taken with him, but he never shows up in the pictures that was taken. This kind soldier is known to vanish suddenly.
Little Round Top
During the process of filming the film Gettysburg some of the extras used as Union soldiers were relaxing on Little Round Top for a while. They heard leaves rustling and when they looked, they saw “a rather haggard old man”. They said that he reeked of sulfur and was filthy. The man spoke to them and handed them a handful of musket rounds.As you know there were several battles during the three days of fighting at Gettysburg. This was just a couple of the battles fought during that time frame. Devil’s Den was the bloodiest site of all of Gettysburg. Little Round Top was a strong battle between the North and the South. Included has been a few of the ghost stories that been told about these sites. It’s best experienced over the days the battles were fought.