Even if you see yourself as one of the bravest creatures in the world, you’ll be scared here. These are stories that won’t let you sleep alone at night. Do you think we’re challenging you? Of course. We thought you like to be challenged. You might be truly fearless and ready to get a little adventurous. So, here we present some of the most famous paranormal stories of all time:


  1. Hauntings of The Lemp Mansion in Missouri

 We’ll begin with a really scary paranormal story. The Lemp Mansion in Missouri’s St. Louis is considered one of America’s most haunted places. The reason – it is full of tragic tales. It was built in the 1860s by a very successful owner of a brewery called William Lemp. He killed himself in the year 1904, following the death of his youngest son, Frederick. After a few years, his wife died of cancer in the same house.

 In 1922, William Lemp Jr. killed himself with a gun in the same room where William Sr. had died. Even after such tragic events, the deaths continued. William’s third son, Charles Lemp, shot his dog in the home’s basement and then killed himself. This happened in 1949 in his room.

 In the same year, the house was transformed into a boarding house after it was sold. This is when reports of hauntings began to surface. The witnesses have narrated scary tales of slamming doors and burning sensations while staying in the mansion. Today, The Lemp Mansion is a restaurant and inn.


  1. The haunted house of Paul Bern

 The Jean Harlow House is a Bavarian-style house located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It has been a witness to a gruesome incident that occurred in 1932. Paul Bern, the abusive husband of actress Jean Harlow, shot himself in the head. He did this while standing in front of a mirror. When the butler found him dead, he called MGM instead of calling the police.

 This gave rise to a lot of rumours about the possibility of murder. The reason behind this is the death of his ex-girlfriend a few days later. She had jumped off a boat to her death. After a few years, Jean Harlow died at the age of 26. This house was bought by Jay Sebring, who was a celebrity hairstylist. He lived in this house with his girlfriend, Sharon Tate.

 Later, she left him for Roman Polanski. They remained friends until both of them were killed by the cult of Charles Manson. Tate was the same age as Harlow when she was murdered. Before her death, she had told her friends about the creepy stuff happening inside the house.

Once she saw a creepy little man when she was sleeping in the master bedroom alone. She had believed it to be the ghost of Paul Bern. When she ran out of the room, she saw a shadowy corpse hanging in the hallway with a slit throat.

  1. Iowa’s axe murder house

Josiah and Sarah Moore were killed inside their home in Villisca, Iowa, on the 10th of June, 1912. They were bludgeoned to death. Their four children and two friends were also killed on that fateful night. What makes this event even more scary is that the crime has remained unsolved to this day.

 This is yet another house, which is considered to be among the most haunted homes. Over the years, there have been reports of some mysterious sounds. They’re mostly of falling lamps, children’s voices, and flying objects. In 2014, a paranormal investigator had killed himself after spending the night stabbing.